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How Did We Get Here?


Hey! My name is Jessica and I am really glad you are here!

Let's all be many times do we scroll through websites and social media and think "I'd LOVE to have that"? Whether it is the cutest date night dress, the perfect work/lunch with friends outfit or a tribe of women motivating and supporting each other to be the very best. We all have similar feelings and desires; those of belonging to something which serves others and inspires confidence. We are advocates for personal growth and self-expression. We understand the importance of self-love and gratitude in our daily lives. We also like to get dressed up!

Arie Layne Boutique is my answer to "I'd LOVE to have that"!


Motherhood, retail, and entrepreneurship have been my life’s most fulfilling work, yet above all, working with people has been the most rewarding part of what I’ve accomplished over the years. Arie Layne will bring women together through fashion and community; a place where you belong, a place designed with you in mind. All things we accomplish will be because of you.


The name Arie Layne honors both the name of my late grandmother, my daughter and the street where I spent many years of my childhood. Mary Ln; the street my Mom and my Dad's parents lived, right across the street from each other. The street where my parents first met at age 17 and home of my favorite memories as a kid. Arie was my Granny's first name and is also now my daughter's middle name and a name that will continue to symbolize strength and family. We are very grateful for the opportunity to serve the women of our community and beyond.


Welcome to Arie Layne Boutique.